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Keno is a casino game of chance with a rich and illustrious past. The game that we know and love has undergone remarkable changes since its initial creation. Gaming chroniclers have traced its history as far back as 200 Before Christ to a Chinese type of diversion referred to as ‘The Game of the White Dove.’ It is a accurately-documented fact that a variation of keno was played in a bingo-like format on the eastern seaboard just around the time of the massive Chinese arrival during the gold rush.

In its current style, keno is a bit like bingo in that the pair of games are based upon numbers. An individual keno card is printed with 80 numbers and the player shall select as many as she would like. This is done by marking them using a pen. As soon as the gambler has selected the numbers, he/she has to bring the card back to the nice person at the keno stand. The clerk will then issue a ticket after recording the player’s numbers. It is the responsibility of the player to trade in any winning card before the next round begins, so stragglers have to remain alert.

Now that we’ve reviewed some of of keno’s compelling background and basic facts of game play, you’re probably chomping at the bit to find out where you can wager on keno on the net. And that is only a reasonable thing for an aspiring keno player. Be assured you have a lot of choices to choose from when it is time for some decisive internet keno fun with all the charm you aspire to.

Oct 052023

It won’t usually be deemed the sexiest game in the universe of gaming, but keno has huge amounts of zealous admirers. As well it should! It’s a consistently thrilling lottery-like game that’s a breeze to pickup, abundantly available in several alternate formats, and one that will pay out mega-dollars for those who master its heaps of subtle nuances. But let’s deal with the basic rules here.

When explaining keno to newcomers, some wagering connoisseurs compare it to the lottery. This is at least in part apt, in that each game is essentially numerical. However, to take that comparison too far can be to underrate the endless unique aspect that make keno so compelling. Not like bingo, keno enthusiasts have the freedom to select the numbers for each card.

Keno cards have a total of eighty numbers, but the gambler is granted an increased degree of personal responsibility by being able to choose as many (or as few) numbers as he or she desires. And it doesn’t take a super genius to determine how to fill out a card: all you do is circle or otherwise mark each of your chosen numbers with a every day old#2 pencil like you used when you were in school.

Once you’ve marked your numbers, carry your keno card back to the keno pit manager at the keno stand. The nice person will record those numbers and then give you a receipt. Make sure no to drop this (potentially) lucrative piece of paper! Even if the clerk remembers your pretty face and would like to help out, without a winning receipt in hand, you will get precisely $.00 for your actions.

And there you have strategy number one: always take care to keep your keno ticket. Let us advance to something a little more advanced, ok?

Now that you’ve selected your numbers, get into a comfortable keno booth and watch the action take place on the keno monitor. That is where the winning numbers are shown for all to see. If you’ve got winners, mark your card accordingly. Make sure not to take too much time, or sit there congratulating yourself for too great a length of time. You need to get up to the keno stand to collect your winnings, and then a new keno game will surely begin within five minutes.

Strategy number 2: always go back to the keno booth on time!

Assuming you don’t trust yourself to meet that five-minute margin every time, you always have the option of using a "multi-race" ticket. These include the self same set of your desired numbers on anywhere from 2 to twenty cards. When the max amount of rounds (the same as the amount of tickets) is finished, you are then able to get off your numb back side and go retrieve your winnings.

Another option is known as a "stray and play" keno ticket, which commonly allows you make number picks for thirty keno rounds or more. Heck, you can take vacation to France and not have to get uptight about getting back in time to redeem your winnings. Most "stray and play" game tickets are good for up to a whole year after you purchase it!

So now you are aware of a couple of necessary techniques for winning keno. If you are an adept keno player, they might appear to be incredibly obvious. However, it doesn’t hurt to study up on the basic techniques, and if you are a new keno player, every little bit of advice will help make your keno playing more enjoyable.

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