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Apr 132007
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Keno is a casino game of plain chance and is very close to Lotto games. Keno was brought to the USA by Chinese expatriates in the 1800’s. As with lottery games, it’s a dead easy to play, and it is appealing as large prizes are available for very minute wagers. Keno is wagered on at bars, discos and rec centers all over the globe today. Sadly it shares other characteristics with lottery games – horrendous odds.

Rationally, Keno found its way into internet betting houses as it was a simple game to create, and casino providers wanted to catch the big brick and mortar Keno fan base on the internet. What was even more for web betting houses was that a lot of players were accustomed to wagering on Keno on video terminals, so the move on the web was less of a hurdle that say with black jack.

So here is how you bet on Keno. You start by selecting between 4 and ten numbers from a set of 80 numbers. Each selection is referred to as a "spot". In many net keno games, you can buy multiple tickets for the same game, and in certain games you can even pre buy for future games.

As soon as you have submitted your selection, 20 numbered balls will "fall" into a tube from a bucket. If enough of your numbers are selected, you win. That easy. You’ll obviously win more if more of your selected numbers come up, like with lottos. Most web keno games allow you to purchase tickets between five cents and $5, and payout in multiples of your ticket value. JackpotGrand prizes of up to $50,000 are not weird.

A breeze? Absolutely. So there has to be a hook? Absolutely. The house edge with Keno is 30 percent or more, the absolute worst of any internet casino game. The chances of landing on a number is point two-five%. Keno is by a long margin the absolute worst casino game you could probably play. If you want a game of chance play video slots. If you wish to throw cash away, take part in Keno. Very few people really make any meaningful earnings.

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